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DSers Mass Supply Program

With the focus on always improving the experience of our merchants, DSers is now giving you access to a whole new type of program: Mass Supply.

This program is aimed at helping our merchants find new trending products, based on AliExpress records, but also allows our merchants to improve their margin and the quality of their products by giving them the chance to optimize their suppliers.

In other words, the DSers Mass Supply program can help you find what kind of products are actually selling on AliExpress, and then help you find the best supplier for those products!

Read about each of the features offered by the Mass Supply program below, and take your business to new heights!

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Learn what the MSP can do for you

With AliExpress and 1688 supply team, we have created the DSers Mass Supply Program.

It's DSers' way to help you get the best supplier service possible!

Find new products to sell!

Enjoy a forever expanding special selection of products from AliExpress that have been chosen according to data.
Trending or future star products are waiting for you!

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​Find new & better suppliers

It’s a feature to replace the current supplier of a specific product by searching for other suppliers of the same product on AliExpress that are more reliable and offer cheaper prices...

Learn the quality of Find Suppliers’ products

You can find a large selection of products with high selling potential in the Find Suppliers. These products are selected from AliExpress by DSers. You can expect the same quality as you would on AliExpress but DSers tends to find better suppliers for you…

Find suppliers product quality and safet