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Set shipping method for all products

Set shipping method for specific product

Import products from your store

Default message to suppliers

Pricing Rule

Change AliExpress account

Add a store

Change login email

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Why I see "All Stores", but not my shop name

Prices difference on DSers


Import products from your Wix store

Import products from AliExpress

Connect AliExpress suppliers to your products

Change supplier of a product

Add a substitute supplier to a product

Connect multiple suppliers to one product

Basic Mapping Advanced Mapping BOGO & Bundle introduction

Add a variation to a product

Why I can't push my product to my store

Track price & inventory of products

Remove "Ships From" of a product


Place multiple orders from Wix to AliExpress

Pay multiple orders on AliExpress

Change currency to pay on AliExpress

Fulfill multiple orders from start to finish

Send tracking number manually

Cancel fulfillment of an order on DSers

Change quantity of an order

Re-order Awaiting payment order

Re-order Awaiting fulfillment order

Re-order AliExpress Canceled order

Re-order Fulfilled order

Re-order an order with deleted product

Orders not appearing on AliExpress

Orders failure reasons

Order status automatic syncing introduction

Order status not changing on DSers

Orders to Chile specifications

What is the note on the order for

Why can’t I select a shipping method

Send images to suppliers