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Discover how to place multiple orders, automatically sync tracking number and more

Place an order from your store to AliExpress

Place multiple orders from Wix to AliExpress

Place part of an order

Pay an order on AliExpress

Pay multiple orders on AliExpress

Change currency to pay on AliExpress

Fulfill an order from start to finish

Fulfill multiple orders from start to finish

Fulfill orders manually on DSers

Fulfill orders manually on your store

Send tracking number manually

Cancel fulfillment of an order on DSers

Cancel fulfillment of an order on your store

Synchronize your store orders

Synchronize AliExpress orders status

Edit an order

Re-order Awaiting payment order

Awaiting fulfillment introduction

Re-order Awaiting fulfillment order

Re-order AliExpress Canceled order

Re-order Fulfilled order

Re-order an order with deleted product

Re-order Request fulfillment order

Orders not appearing on AliExpress

Pending orders introduction

Orders failure reasons

Order status introduction

Order status automatic syncing introduction

Order status not changing on DSers

Shipping fees on DSers

Order requirements for specific countries

Orders to Brazil specifications

Orders to Chile specifications

Orders to Saudi Arabia & UAE specifications

Orders to Israel specifications

Orders to France specifications

Orders to Portugal specifications

Orders to Japan specifications

Orders to Korea specifications

Checkout failure in your store

What is the note on the order for

Why can’t I select a shipping method

Send images to suppliers