10 Days Delivery to Specific Countries

With the Marketplace, you get access to extra fast shipping for certain products!

Currently, we only support 10 working days delivery to USA but we will make this feature available for shipping to France and Brazil soon!


With our 10 working days delivery, the shipping price will be the same, but the shipping time will be faster and you will still be able to easily track the orders with tracking numbers!

How to Select 10 Days Delivery Products?

First, you need to access the “Product Bargain” from the left side.

There are three ways to find products that are eligible for 10 days delivery.

Method 1

You can click the “10 days delivery USA icon” to view all the products for 10 days delivery.

Method 2

Click "Filter".

Select “10 days delivery” under “Shipping speed”.

Method 3

You can find them by looking for the “10 days delivery” tag.

Now you can easily view the eligible products from the Marketplace for 10 days delivery.

Then, you don’t need to go on AliExpress to import the products. Just click the “Import to DSers” button, and the product will be added to your import list!

A window will pop-up to notify you the product is imported successfully!

If you want to check the product from Import List, you can either click “Go to Import List to check” from the pop-up window or select “Import List” from the left side of the page as below.

Now, as you can see your product is successfully added to your Import List!

You can now push it to the Shopify or WooCommerce store you want!

How to Set the Shipping Method for Those Products?

It is also very easy to set up the shipping method for those products.

All you need to do is access the “Setting” page.

Open the "Shipping" panel and set up shipping method for specific products.

Type in the name to search for the product you imported and click on the grey wheel gear on the right side.

Then, the shipping setting page for this product will appear. You can look for United States and choose “Seller’s Shipping Method” for shipping option.

Click here to learn more details about setting shipping method!

Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done!

Now you are all set and the orders for eligible products will be delivered to USA in 10 working days!

Additional Details

Furthermore, if you have DSers extension installed on your Google Chrome, you will find “10 days delivery” available when you go to AliExpress to check the product.

It is ok not to have DSers extension installed on Google Chrome.

Without the extension, you can still see “Seller’s Shipping Method” available.

Please notice that it shows NO for tracking, but in fact, you will still have the tracking number for this product!

DSers uses Yanwen Logistics to provide 10 days delivery.

You can always use 17Track to track the shipping process.

How Shipping Time Can Vary?

DSers now promises 10 working days delivery to USA, sometimes the orders can arrive to USA even faster in 6 working days if you place the orders in the beginning of the week!

With that being said, it also means that if you place the orders near end of the week such as Thursday or Friday, those orders can take up to 14 days in total to be delivered.

Please keep that in mind when you are placing orders eligible for 10 days delivery!

Soon, we will also support extra fast shipping to France and Brazil!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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