Activate Admitad for WooCommerce

In order to get activate to the Admitad feature, you will need to invite new WooCommerce users to DSers! Bring 5 new users to DSers, and enjoy Admitad for even more profit for 2 months! The more new users you bring , the longer you will get access to Admitad!

What should I do?

To be able to activate Admitad for DSers WooCommerce, please contact us via email, copy and fill in the form below. (See "How to apply" below) They will provide you with a link that your friends can use to create a new DSers account.

As soon as 5 people place an order from DSers to AliExpress and pay for it, we will activate Admitad in your account for 2 months!

How to apply?

Copy and fill the form below and send us an email!

Subject: DSers Admitad for Woo

My Information


Email Address:


Store Name:

Store URL:

DSers Login Email:

DSers Account Name*:

Send us an email at:

How does it work?

When people use your link to share, they will be associated with your account. After 5 of the people you invited have created a new DSers account and successfully placed and paid an order from their new DSers account to AliExpress, the Admitad feature will automatically be activated in your account, and you will be notified by email!

If you invite 5 people to DSers, and they place and pay an order, you get access to Admitad for 2 months.

If you invite 10 people to DSers, and they place and pay an order, you get access to Admitad for 4 months, and so on!

It's that simple!


In order to get your Admitad feature activated after inviting 5 users, the following conditions must be met:

  • The invited user must place and pay at least one order within 1 month of installing DSers

  • The invited user DSers account must be linked to AliExpress

  • The invited user must not delete or disconnect his DSers account during the first month

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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