Add a substitute supplier to a product

Sometimes your current supplier will be out of stock so you won’t be able to fulfill your orders. You can prevent such a problem from happening by adding a substitute supplier to the product.

Here’s how you can achieve it.

Adding supplier

Go to DSers – Products – My Products.

Access the Mapping Page on the product card.

You need to input the URL from a new AliExpress supplier you want to add here.

Go to AliExpress and copy the URL of a new supplier you want to add.

Paste the URL of the product you want to add to the Import box, then click on Import.

A new AliExpress product will appear under your current one.

Then, click on Set.

A small window will pop up. Select Second option and click OK.

The new product will then appear in the Substitute Ali Product column without mapping.

You need to select the variations of the new supplier corresponding to your product’s variations.

Once you finished mapping the product, don’t forget to Save!

A notification will appear after you successfully saved.

Now the substitute product will be used in case the main product is out of stock or unavailable.

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If you want to learn about Advanced mapping, you can check this article.

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