Add a WooCommerce store

It is possible that you manage more than one WooCommerce store at the same time to create more sales. In the following guide, we will show you how to add more stores to your DSers account so you can manage them all in the same place.

It is very easy to do it, here’s how:

Add a WooCommerce store

Click on Link to more stores button on the top of DSers page to add a new WooCommerce store.

On the next page, enter the domain of the store you want to add.

DSers will start the process of linking this new store.

You will then be directed to WooCommerce page where you will need to login to the store you want to add.

Click on Approve.

You will be taken back to DSers and the connection process will start.

Wait for the connection process to be finished. Do not refresh or close this page.

Once successfully linked, you will be redirected to DSers and a notification will appear to tell you that DSers is automatically synchronizing your orders and ordered products from the last 7 days.

Do not refresh or close this page.

After the synchronization is over, you can find your new store in DSers – Setting – Account.

You can also find your new store in the drop-down menu of DSers, on some pages.

You can now manage your new store directly in DSers!

Congratulations! Now you have added more than one store to DSers.

Hope you can achieve more sales when dropshipping with DSers.

Enjoy the best of AliExpress dropshipping with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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