Add Staff Account to your Woo DSers

In order to better improve your dropshipping experience, we have developed the new Staff Account feature to help you improve your business.

In the following guide, we will show you how to add Staff Account to your DSers account so you can better manage your business.

Create a Staff Account

First, login in Woo DSers, go to DSers homepage, and access Setting - Staff Account as shown below.

You can create a Staff Account only when you already have an account in DSers.

Click “Add” to create a new Staff Account.

A new pop-up window will appear, input the Name, Email and Password of the account you want to create click “SAVE” to create the Staff Account.

Now, you have successfully created the Staff Account!

It will be added to the list of the Staff Account

If you want to find a specific staff account that you already created, search the staff name or email address in the box below.

Edit a Staff Account

After successfully created the Staff Account, you can still edit the Staff Account information by clicking "Edit".

You can change the account status, the name and password of the Staff Account in the following pop-up window.

You can also Suspend a Staff Account for a short time or indefinitely, by selecting the Suspend box and click “SAVE”.

If you suspend a Staff Account, this person will not be able to access to your DSers account anymore.

Managing Staff Account Access

In the second phase that is not released yet, you will be able to change the staff account status, feature access and store access when creating and editing the Staff Account. This function is expected to be online on April 19th.

In this phase, you can give the Staff Account accessing power to specific features or specific stores by check the box below. Therefore, they will have the limited power to manage your business.

How to log in your Staff Account

Log in your Staff Account is the same as log in your DSers account. You can login to your Staff Account by clicking “LOGIN”.

Staff Account Limitations

In the Staff Account, you are unable to link to more stores and can't see the status of your AliExpress account at the top bar.

Here is a normal DSers account

Here is a DSers Staff Account

When switching stores on the top bar, your DSers account can access all your stores. But after the second phase is online on April 19th, Staff Account can only access to the stores that are authorized by your DSers account.

Staff Account are also unable to access “Switch platform” and “Setting” in the left column.

We hope you now understand everything about the Staff Account feature! Happy dropshipping with DSers!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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