AliExpress whitelist introduction

DSers unique official partnership with AliExpress will allow our users to enjoy the AliExpress Whitelist.

After your AliExpress account is whitelisted, you can enjoy DSers at its fullest to place 100+ orders within few clicks.

Read below to learn about what it means to be on AliExpress Whitelist.

How to get AliExpress Whitelisted Account?

It is very simple!

Once your DSers account is linked to your WooCommerce store, you will then need to link DSers to your AliExpress account.

After you linked your AliExpress account, simply press the Apply for Whitelist button on the top of your DSers page.

You will then be directed to AliExpress’ website for getting your AliExpress account whitelisted.

AliExpress whitelist introduction with Woo DSers - Apply for whitelist - Woo DSers

Click here to read the step-by-step guide about linking your AliExpress account and applying for AliExpress Whitelisted account.

What is AliExpress Whitelist?

Here are the three major perks that you can enjoy:

1. Place an unlimited number of orders without restriction

DSers’ association with AliExpress whitelist will allow you to place an unlimited number of orders each day and faster than any other dropshipping solutions.

2. Place all your awaiting orders on DSers all at once!

Click one button to place all your orders from DSers to AliExpress at the same time. No need to manually place each order 1 by 1 anymore. It is so much more efficient; it is what separates DSers from the rest of the dropshipping tools in the market and makes it so much more powerful.

3. Get product recommendation from AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress will propose you some trending products according to what you are selling. Find new suppliers and better products easily.

You can access the product recommendation feature on AliExpress – My AliExpress – Dropshipping Center.

AliExpress whitelist introduction with Woo DSers - AliExpress Dropshipping Center - Woo DSers

In the Dropshipping Center, you can:

-Find Products to Sell

Get a look at the products that are currently popular on AliExpress.

Search by category or get recommendations according to your previous purchases.

AliExpress whitelist introduction with Woo DSers - Find Products to Sell - Woo DSers

-Product Analysis

Enter the URL of a specific product at the top, then it will show you the sale volume of that product over a certain period.

You can also check the logistics reliability of that product.

AliExpress whitelist introduction with Woo DSers - Product Analysis - Woo DSers

Now you understand the importance of getting your AliExpress account whitelisted.

Take the action now and enjoy all the perks and advantages that DSers has brought to you!

Read this article to learn more about importing products from AliExpress.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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