Change default billing store

The Default billing store is the store that will be used to pay your Subscription to DSers. It is important to make sure your default billing store is active.

There are several circumstances you might want to change your default billing store. For instance, you just closed your previous default billing store or you want to pay your subscription fee from a new Shopify store.

In either situation, you will need to re-select a new default billing store to continue using DSers.

Here is the guide for it:

How to change default billing store

You can click the Manage Subscription from the bottom-left of your DSers page.

Scroll down to Default billing store

Select the store you want to set as the new default billing store and click on Activate.

In some cases, we may direct you to the Shopify page where you will confirm your subscription bill.

After that, the selected store will be set as the new default billing store.

Please click here If you wish to learn more about managing DSers subscription plan.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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