Change login email

In case you want to change the login email address you use on DSers, it is very easy. Please read the guide below:

Account Email

Please go to DSers - Setting - Account

Find the Account email setting part and click the edit icon below.

Change login email with Wix DSers - Setting - Wix DSers

Input the new email address you want to use to login and click SEND CODE. DSers will send you an email with the verification code to your new email address.

Change login email with Wix DSers - Send code - Wix DSers

Go to your email box and copy the verification code. Then, paste the code you receive and click VERIFY.

Change login email with Wix DSers - verify - Wix DSers

A notification will appear to inform you that your new email address has verified.

You can refresh the Setting page now to see your Account email has been updated.

Change login email with Wix DSers - updated account email - Wix DSers

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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