Change password

In case you have forgotten your password, you can easily set a new one with DSers.

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide for you.

Reset your password

There are two ways you can reset your password.

1. Reset password on the login screen

2. Reset password in Setting

Reset password on the login screen

Click on the “Forgot Password?” button when are on the login screen.

A new window will pop-up asking you to enter the email address you used for this DSers account.

Input the email and click the button of Email instructions.

A notification will appear on the top of your login screen to let you know the email with the link to reset your password has been sent to you.

Go to your inbox and open the email DSers just sent you.

Note: If you can’t find the email in the inbox, try to look for it in your Spam/Junk folder.

The email will look like below, just click on the Reset password button.

You will be taken to the DSers page to reset your password.

Enter your new password and confirm it by inputting again.

A notification will appear once you successfully reset the password.

You can now login with your new password!

Reset password in setting

Another way to reset the password is go to DSers – Setting – Account.

Find the Reset password part and click on the button of Change password.

A new window will appear, type in your Old password first, then enter your New password twice.

Then click on the button of Reset Password.

DSers will then take you back to the Sign in page. Now you can log in with your new password.

Now you have learned everything about changing your password.

Click here to learn more about changing your log in email and here for changing account name.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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