Connect AliExpress suppliers to your products

You may find yourself in a situation where a product is not linked to any AliExpress suppliers. In this kind of situation, you won’t be able to place the orders for this product to AliExpress.

Here is the guide to fix this problem for you.


Go to DSers – My Products. You will see all the products in your store.

The products without the AliExpress logo at the beginning of the name are not linked to any AliExpress suppliers. They need to be mapped.

Click on the Mapping Page button at the bottom right of the product card.

The Supplier management tab will open. You can only see the attributes and variations of your product at this point.

You need to import the data of an AliExpress supplier corresponding to your product.

Go to AliExpress and find a supplier for your product.

Then copy the URL of the product.

Paste the URL of the product in the Import box, then click on Import.

The AliExpress product will appear under the box, then click on Set.

Select Default option and click OK.

The AliExpress supplier product will appear next to your product variations, but the attributes and variations of the AliExpress product will be empty.

You need to select the attributes and variations of your supplier’s product corresponding to the attributes and variations of your product.

Do this for EACH attribute and variation.

Don’t leave any empty boxes!

Don’t forget to save once you have finished.

A notification will appear after you successfully saved it.

Once your product is mapped the AliExpress icon will appear on the product card next to the product name.

Now you can use this product to place orders to AliExpress.

Click here to check out more about changing supplier of a product and here to learn about Advanced Mapping.

Enjoy dropshipping with DSers!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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