Disconnect AliExpress account

It is very easy to disconnect your AliExpress account from DSers.

Read below to see how to achieve that.

Before disconnecting account

Make sure you read and understand the following.

It is important to note that once you unlinked to an AliExpress account, DSers will no longer sync the data between the current AliExpress account and DSers anymore.

It means if you have orders in Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Shipment or Awaiting Fulfillment, DSers will not sync the status of those orders anymore after you unlink your new AliExpress account.

Here’s how you can avoid the situation:

1. All the orders in your DSers account should be in Awaiting Order, Failed or Canceled tab before you unlink.

-If you have orders Awaiting Payment, please cancel them on AliExpress, they will sync as Canceled on DSers

-If you have orders already paid on AliExpress, but not yet shipped, wait for those orders to have a tracking number and be fulfilled on DSers

2. The status of the orders on AliExpress should be synced correctly to DSers. Click here to learn how to do it manually.

Unlink your account

Go to DSers – Setting – Account, and find the AliExpress account part.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - Access AliExpress account setting - Woo DSers

Click Disconnect.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - Disconnect account - Woo DSers

A notification will appear, please read it carefully, then click OK.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - Click OK - Woo DSers

Because you can’t use DSers without having an AliExpress account connected, you will need to link your DSers account to AliExpress again right after you unlink.

Once you clicked OK, DSers will then ask you to link to AliExpress before you can use it.

Click Link to AliExpress.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - Link to DSers - Woo DSers

You will be redirected to AliExpress. Sign in the new account you want to link to DSers.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - Sign in New AliExpress account - Woo DSers

Your new AliExpress account ID will appear in DSers.

You can now use the newly linked account to place orders.

Disconnect AliExpress account with Woo DSers - New account display - Woo DSers

Now you know how to disconnect an AliExpress account from DSers.

Click here to learn more about changing an AliExpress account and here for more details about how to whitelist your AliExpress account.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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