DSers Affiliate Program

You invited your friends to use DSers? Take advantage of DSers Affiliate Program! DSers will reward you for each new user you bring that place orders within a month! You can make up to 12 USD for each user!

How does it work?

You invite people to install and use DSers, and you get money from it! We will provide you with a code to share with your friends/followers They click on this code and install DSers. If they place orders in the first month after installation you can get from 3 USD to 12 USD per user invited! The more they place orders, the more you get!

You can learn more details about each level of reward at the end of this article

How to apply?

Copy and fill the form below and send us an email!

Subject: DSers Affiliate Program Registration

My Information: Full Name: Email Address: Country:

Store Name: Store URL: DSers Login Email: DSers Account Name: Preferred Payment Method: PayPal or Payoneer Send us an email at: Support@dserspro.com

What do I get?

Each time you invite a new user to install DSers that places at least order to AliExpress using DSers, and pay for it, you will automatically get 3 USD.

After that, the more orders the invited users place during his first month, the more money you will make.

Affiliate Levels

Level 1 The invited user placed and paid between 1 and 9 orders during the first month: -The affiliated member get 3 USD for this user.

Level 2 The invited user placed and paid between 10 and 49 orders during the first month:

-The affiliated member get 5 USD for this user.

Level 3

The invited user placed and paid between 50 and 199 orders during the first month: -The affiliated member get 8 USD for this user.

Level 4

The invited user placed and more than 200 orders during the first month -The affiliatedd member get 12 USD for this user

Track my progress

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email from us with: -Number of current active invitation -Amount you will receive this month -Potential amount for the next month

You will receive your first payment 2-3 months after you apply. The time for the people you invited to place and finalize their first orders!


In order to get the money from inviting an user the following conditions must be met:

  • The invited user must place and pay at least one order within 1 month of installing DSers

  • The invited user DSers account must be linked to AliExpress

  • The invited user must not delete or disconnect his DSers account during the first month

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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