DSers is a platform that provides drop shipping solutions. It helps to improve the efficiency of people with online stores by allowing users to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just ONE CLICK. 


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    DSers Affiliate Program

    To reward content creator or influencer from bringing new customers to DSers, DSers has created an Affiliate Program.

    How does it work?

    In a few words, for each new customer using DSers to process orders, you will get a commission based on the customer monthly spending on AliExpress. This commission will vary according to the amount the customer spends, the more money the customer spend on AliExpress, the bigger the comission for the content creator or influencer.

    How do we track the customers you bring in?

    When a content creator or influencer decides to join DSers Affiliate Program, he will be provided with a dedicated link that leads to DSers app on the Shopify app store.

    This link will allow us to track the origin of the user and link it to the content creator or influencer.

    Every user that signs up to DSers through this link will be credited to the content creator or influencer.

    How do you make money?

    The content creator or influencer will earn commission according to the customer's monthly AliExpress spending with orders processed via DSers.

    -The comission will be based according to the total monthly spending on AliExpress.

    -Customers will be divided into different brackets according to the total monthly spending on AliExpress.

    -The higher the total monthly spending on AliExpress, the higher will be the commission.

    -Comission will be given for 12 months maximum per customer.

    -Customers who start processing orders 12 months after signing up with the trackable link will not be eligible for comission.

    To protect our customer's privacy, we will not disclose the individual monthly spending of our customers, neither the number of orders or brackets they are placed it, see the Agreement part below.


    An agreement will be signed between the content creator or influencer and DSers to prevent any issues.

    Contact DSers for further inquiries: Mail