DSers subscriptions and plans

DSers give you the choice between 3 different plans, depending on what you need and how much you want to expand your business.

There is 1 free plan, and 2 paid plans

Pricing Plans

The 3 available plans are Basic, Advanced and Pro

Each plan will give you access to certain features, or allow you to increase you limits.

You won't be charged until 1st Jan 2021

Basic (Free)

You get access to all the features of DSers you currently have access to and those listed below except Bundle / BOGO / Advanced Mapping, Stock auto-update.

You can have up to 3 stores, and 3000 products in total (1000 products / store)

Advanced (Paid)

$19.90 per month, or $190.80 yearly (equivalent to $15.90 per month to save $48 per year)

You get access to all the features of DSers, including Bundle / BOGO / Advanced Mapping, Stock auto-update.

You can have up to 10 stores, and 20000 products in total (2000 products / store)

Pro (Paid)

$49.90 per month, or $478.80 yearly (equivalent to $39.90 per month to save $120 per year)

You get access to all the features of DSers, including Bundle / BOGO / Advanced Mapping, Stock auto-update.

You can manage store from Shopify and WooCommerce in the same DSers account

You can have up to 25 stores, and 75000 products in total (3000 products / store)

Feature list

Here is a non exhaustive list of features that you will be able to use once it's released:

Bundle (Advanced / Pro)

You can now easily create your own bundles!

Mix products from different suppliers, change the quantity you want to sell at the same time, you have the liberty to make the best offers for your customers!

BOGO / Buy X Get Y (Advanced / Pro)

It is now possible to create your own special offers like Buy One Get One!

Furthermore, you are not limited to Buy 1 Get 1, you can set up the offers that you want like Buy 3 Get 2, Buy 5 Get 4, or even Buy Supplier A product Get Supplier B product. Whatever offer you want to give your customers.

Advanced Mapping (Advanced / Pro)

You now can access the Advanced Mapping feature! Modify your product mapping with more freedom than ever before!

More importantly, you can set country specific variants and mapping!

Split Products

You can now split products! This feature is very useful if you want to sell different variants as different products by example, or to have each color be a different product.

Hide Products

You can also hide some products in one click! It may be useful to you to hide some products, because you are treating the product with your supplier directly, or want to treat it in some other way.

Manage your account

You now have the complete control over your account!

Rename your account, modify email address, reset password, manage the store linked and change AliExpress account: you can do this very easily.

Rollback Orders

You have the complete control over your orders.

You can rollback the orders that are already fulfilled to place them again!

Notifications and Auto-updates (Advanced / Pro)

You will now be notified each time a product's price has changed, or a variant has been modified for one of your AliExpress product.

DSers will also automatically updates your products' stock on Shopify when the stock of a product changes, or when a product or variant is out of stock on AliExpress.

Shipping Method for Specific Products

There is now a section called Global Shipping Method Based on Products in the Shipping Setting. It is easier than before for you to set specific shipping method for certain products!

Multiple languages

DSers now supports different languages.

English, Portuguese and French are now available on DSers!

You will be able to easily switch between each plan according to your need. You can upgrade your plan if you need more space and want to access a feature not available in your current plan, but you can also downgrade if you feel you don't need everything.

Each plan will come with limitations to the number of products and the number of store you can have. If after the migrations you are over the limit of the maximum number of products or store in your DSers account you will still be able to manage all the stores and products as usual!

Sadly you won't be able to import more products or add more stores until you delete some tho.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


 DSers is a platform that provides drop shipping solutions. It helps to improve the efficiency of people with online stores by allowing users to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just ONE CLICK. 



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