DSers Reward Season Is Going Great

Dear Merchants!

DSers Reward Season has been live for 2 weeks since Oct 15th! 

We couldn't be more pleased about your participation!

Our goal of this event is to get more users to familiarize with our Find Suppliers while making some easy extra cash! During the Reward Season, DSers provides reliable supply service with stable prices, fast shipping and 24h processing time for the same price you would normally pay, or even cheaper.

We are so excited and can’t wait to share the news and what we’ve accomplished so far with you!

DSers Reward Season Is Going Great - $100+ Banner - DSers

What We’ve Accomplished……

More than 1000 users signed up and started placing orders from the Find Suppliers.

Few hundreds already reached the first reward goal and earned a $100 cash.

We even have a couple of dozen users who reach up to $300 of reward!

All this within 15 days! We are so happy about your support!

There’s More

The event started from Oct 15th, 2020 and will last until Jan 15th, 2021.

Only 2 weeks have passed, it’s never too late to join our Reward Season!

Don’t miss the chances to become one of those few hundreds users who earned a $100 cash! Take the opportunity to gain your rewards now!

Click here to JOIN!


1. Who are the suppliers?

There are two kinds of the products.

The first kind of the products is directly supported by DSers Supply team and working directly with manufacturers and shipping vendors.

The second kind of the products is provided by good suppliers from AliExpress who performs well according to our data.

2. How to contact us?

Please email us at

You will be assigned with a special supply account manager, who will help you arrange sourcing, bargaining, packing, shipping, etc.

DSers Reward Season Is Going Great - Reward Season Banner - DSers

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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