Edit a product on DSers

After you imported a new product to DSers Import List, you can edit it on DSers before pushing or publishing it to your WooCommerce store.

Here’s the guide on how to do it.

Edit a product

Go to DSers – Products – Import List.

Click Edit product on the product card of the one you want to edit.

Product tab

In the Product tab, you can edit the basic information of this product including Title, Category and Tags.

You can personalize the product Title here.

You can assign a category from your WooCommerce store.

You can also set Tags for you to better organize products on WooCommerce.

Hover the picture and click the edit icon to modify it.

Select the picture you want to use to present your product and Save.

The picture you selected will be used for the cover picture from now on.

Variations tab

In the Variations tab you can change price, delete variations, edit attributes such as colors & size.

You can select a specific product variation type.

You can also select all the product variations.

You can then click the Action button.

You can change the Sale price of all the variations of this product.

Simply enter the new price you want to set and click Save.

You can see the Sale price of all the variations has changed to the new one.

You can also delete variations.

Start by selecting the variations you don’t want.

Click the Action button and select Remove SKU.

You need to confirm to delete the variations by clicking Yes.

You can see the XS, S, M variations have been deleted from this product.

Description tab

In Description tab you can modify the description that will appear in the product page of your WooCommerce store.

You can add, delete or modify the text.

Images tab

In Images tab, you can view, delete or select the image you want to use to present your product.

Hover a picture and click the eye icon to zoom on it.

This allows you to see all the details of the picture.

Hover a picture and click the trash icon to delete it.

You need to confirm when you want to delete a picture and click OK.

You can also download all the pictures to modify them.

Shipping info tab

The Shipping info tab lets you check the shipping method available for this product.

Select a country you want to ship to.

You will see the shipping methods available with price, delivery time and more.

Now you know everything about how to edit a product on DSers.

Take the advantage of it and edit your products before sending them to your WooCommerce store.

Enjoy dropshipping with DSers!

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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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