Edit a product on WooCommerce

Product management is the key to having a successful dropshipping business. Knowing how to edit a product on WooCommerce can definitely make your product more attractive to your customers so that you will gain more sales in return.

Let’s break down the process of editing a product step-by-step and take a closer look at them.

Edit a product

Go to WooCommerce – Products – All Products.

In the following demonstration, we will use an AliExpress product that was imported to WooCommerce by DSers, which means most of the important information is already automatically entered when DSers push the product for you.

Click on the name of the product you want to edit.

In the Edit product window, you can change the Product Name and Description.

You can use the name you want and edit the description you like.

On this page, you can also Edit the product permalink.

Permanent links (permalinks) are permanent URL structures used to help organize the content of your website (pages, posts, products, etc.) so it can be efficiently navigated, shared, and referenced by users.

You can personalize it as you wish.

Product data

Scroll down to access the Product data part.

You can access the drop-down list to select your product type.

In most cases, your product type will be Variable product that has multiple variations if you are editing a product imported from AliExpress with DSers.

Variations refer to choices or options that are available to the customers. For instance, a customer can purchase a black or white T-shirt. The black and white options are variations.

If you want to create a product that has no variations, make sure to select Simple product.

Now let’s see how to edit everything for this product.

In Inventory, you can edit the SKU that DSers named for the product.

Stock keeping unit (SKU) is a unique code that is used by retailers to identify the characteristics of each product and track its inventory.

Choose if you want to track stock by enabling stock management at product level.

Then, you can set a quantity of product available and prevent out of stock orders by not allowing backorders.

You can also check the box to enable the feature of allowing customer to purchase only one of this product in a single order.

In Shipping, you can always change the weight and dimensions of the product that DSers entered.

In Linked Products, you can set up Upsells and Cross-sells.

The product you select for Upsells will appear on the product page as “You may also like”.

Here is an example of how Upsells would appear on your product page.

The product you select for Cross-sells will appear on the cart page as “You may be interested in”.

Here is an example of how Cross-sells would appear on your cart page.

In Attributes, you can add more attributes to your product such as Size, Color, Ships From, etc.

In Variations, you can edit the variations that DSers created for you and set the price, stock status, weights, etc. for each variation.

You can also add more new variations.

Note: you need to at least set the Regular price for each variation before proceeding to any step.

Don’t forget to save when you are done setting all your variations!

Note: You need to Go back to DSers and map this product again if you add new Attributes and Variations.

Click here to learn more about how to map your products on DSers.

In Advanced, you can create a special Purchase note and activate the reviews for this product.

Product short description

You can write a Product short description and add picture or other content below the Product data part.

The short description should be an excerpt of your product. It will appear next to the product imagery on the product page.

Product categories

On the top right side, you can assign this product to a product category previously created.

Product tags

On the right side, just below the product categories, you can add tags to the product for better management.

Product image

In Product image, you can edit the picture or upload more pictures to use for your product by clicking the Image.

A new window will pop up. Select or drop the new picture you want to use.

Once the picture is uploaded, select the picture you just uploaded and click Set product image from the right bottom.

The picture will now appear on the right side of the product details page.

Here is an example of how this picture will appear in your store.

After you finished setting everything you want, you can scroll up to the top and click Update on the right.

A notification will let you know once the product is updated successfully.

Now you know everything about editing a product on WooCommerce. Be creative and make your product more appealing to your customers!

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