Fulfill orders manually on WooCommerce

In case you want to deliver some orders by yourself instead of directly shipped from AliExpress suppliers, you can manually fulfill those orders on WooCommerce when they are completed.

Note: if an order is manually fulfilled on WooCommerce, the order status will be also synchronized back to DSers, then DSers will move the order to Fulfilled tab.

There are two ways you can do it on WooCommerce:

-Manually fulfill an order

-Manually fulfill orders in bulk

Manually fulfill an order

Go to WooCommerce – Orders and click on the order for which you want to manually fulfill.

On the Edit order page, click on the Status to access the drop-down list.

Select Completed from the drop-down list.

Then click on Update from the Order actions.

A notification will let you know once the product is updated successfully.

Now, this order is marked as Completed on WooCommerce.

Go back to DSers – Orders – Open.

You will see the order is also moved to the Fulfilled tab.

Manually fulfill orders in bulk

WooCommerce also allows you to manually fulfill multiple orders at once.

To do that go to WooCommerce – Orders and select all the orders for which you want to manually fulfill.

Click on Bulk actions.

Select Change status to completed.

Then, click on Apply.

You will receive a notification stating the selected order statuses are changed.

Now, these orders are marked as Completed on WooCommerce.

If you go back to DSers – Orders – Open.

You will see these orders are also moved to the Fulfilled tab.

Just as simple as that, you now know how to fulfill orders manually on WooCommerce.

Click here to learn more about manually fulfilling orders on DSers.

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