Order status automatic syncing introduction

DSers is here to help you save time and simplify things. Once you have placed all your orders to AliExpress and have paid them, you don't need to do anything anymore! DSers will take care of the rest and do the job for you.

Check the guide below to see exactly what happens.

DSers Order fulfillment

-My orders are paid on AliExpress, now what?

You are done!

Once you have paid for your orders on AliExpress, DSers will take care of the rest.

Your orders will first move from the Awaiting Payment tab

To the Awaiting Shipment tab

Once your supplier ships out your orders, the tracking number will be generated and synced automatically from AliExpress to DSers.

The order will be moved to the Fulfilled tab

Once the order is fulfilled on DSers, the Tracking Number will be synced automatically to Shopify

And your order will be fulfilled on Shopify as well

Shopify Shipping Confirmation mail

If you activated the feature in DSers - Setting - Tracking

DSers will automatically trigger the Shopify Shipping Confirmation mail when the tracking number is synced from DSers to Shopify. You can learn more about this feature here. With this feature, you don't need to worry about notifying your customers when your orders are shipped out!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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