Change AliExpress account

In case you want to change the AliExpress account linked to your DSers account, you can do that very easily from Setting. Please read the guide below to learn more

Before you change account

Make sure you read and understand this

It is important to note that once you unlink an AliExpress account, DSers will not sync the data between this AliExpress account and DSers anymore. In details, that means that if you have orders Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Shipment or Awaiting Fulfillment, DSers will not sync the status of those orders anymore after you unlink your AliExpress account. To avoid this situation, you need to make sure of two things:

1. All the orders in your DSers account should be in Awaiting Order, Failed or Canceled before your unlink. -If you have orders Awaiting Payment, please cancel them on AliExpress, they will sync as Canceled on DSers -If you have orders already paid on AliExpress, but not yet shipped, wait for those orders to have a tracking number and be fulfilled on DSers

2. The status of the orders on AliExpress should be synced correctly to DSers (You can do that manually)

Unlink your account

Go to your DSers - Setting - Account, and find the AliExpress account part

Click on Disconnect

A window to CONFIRM will appear. Make sure to read everything before you go through

After you confirm, the AliExpress account setting part will be empty

And the top of DSers will show that you are no longer connected to a Whitelisted AliExpress account and need to click to Link to AliExpress

Before you click on this button, make sure you are currently logged in the right AliExpress account that you want to link to DSers

Once you are logged in the correct AliExpress account, click on this button, and link your AliExpress account

The button on top of DSers will turn green and show that your linked to an AliExpress Account Whitelisted.

You are now connected to your new AliExpress account and can start to process your orders normally once again.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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