Create Buy One Get One offers

With DSers, you can now easily create your own special offers like Buy One Get One on DSers!

Furthermore, you are not limited to Buy 1 Get 1, you can set up the offers that you want like Buy 3 Get 2, Buy 5 Get 4, or even Buy Supplier A product Get Supplier B product. Whatever offer you want to give your customers.

Check the video below or read the complete detailed guide after to learn more!


BOGO is very useful if you want to create special deals and discounts to your customers depending on how many products the customer purchases from you.

You can have up to 2 AliExpress products for each variant of your offer. So if you have 10 variants, you can set up to 20 different AliExpress products.

For this example. we'll create a product with two variants:

Variant 1 will give an offer of Buy 2 Get 1 Variant 2 will give an offer of Buy 5 Get 3

All the products are identical

First, go on Shopify a create a new product

Give a title to your product

Note: you can also add a description, add more variants, etc... like any other product

Now we'll go create variants, just down the same page

Once done, you just need to Save

You can now go to DSers - My Product page and click the Import Shopify Product button

Search for your newly created product and click the icon on the right to import it to DSers

The icon will turn to a green tick once the product is successfully imported

Your product will appear in the Other tab where you can click on the Mapping Page icon to create your BOGO offer.

Once you click, the mapping page will open to give you a range of choice. Click on the BOGO tab.

The BOGO tab is made of 5 important parts:

1 : The status button, you need to click on it to activate the BOGO mode

2 : The BUY column, it's where you can import the main product of your offer

3 : The X column, it's where you can set the quantity of the main product that your customers need to purchase to be eligible for the offer

4 : The GET column, it's where you can import the gifted product for your customer

5 : The Y column, it's where you can set the quantity of the gifted product that your customers will get

After you activated the Status button (1), you can click on the import button of the BUY column (2)

A new page will open, you just need to paste the AliExpress link of the product you want to add

Select which variant you want to add to your bundle

The name of the selected variant now appear in the BUY column (2)

For the Buy 1 variant, you don't need to do anything else.


For the Buy 2 get 1 variant, you need to import the product in the same way.

Then you can set the quantity to 3, and you're done for this variant as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For the Buy 2 get another dress for free, you just need to follow the same step first to import the main product and set the quantity to 2. Then you need to import another product in the gift product column and set the quantity to 1.

And this product is set!

More action

The more action button is here to help you save time and avoid manual repeated work.

-You can easily copy the same product over all variants to avoid having to import it multiple times -You can change the quantity of all your variants at once as well!

Example of BOGO

There are many kinds of BOGO offer you can create, you can find some ideas below.

Example of BOGO order

The orders for BOGO will appear slightly different compared to other orders, here is an example

You can see the main product on the top, and the "gift" under it!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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