Re-order AliExpress canceled orders

The orders you placed to AliExpress can sometimes get canceled for various reasons.

To help with replacing those orders, you can use DSers Canceled Orders Optimization.

You can activate this feature in DSers - Setting - Other

Once you activate this feature, DSers will optimize the orders cancelled by AliExpress. The optimization by DSers will greatly reduce the probability for the order to be cancelled again.

Concretely, AliExpress often flags some orders and cancel them due to the names of your customers. To bypass this, if you activate this feature, DSers will add "NA" in the middle of your customer name.


"John McOrder" will become "John NA McOrder"

This will not influence your order, or create any issue with the delivery, but will help reduce the cancelation rate of the orders. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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