Edit a product on DSers

When you import a new product to your store, before Pushing or Publishing it to your Shopify store, you can Edit it in DSers

You will get access to 4 tabs where you can Edit the product to your liking

Note: You won't be able to Edit a product after you push or publish it to Shopify and will need to edit it on Shopify directly

Product Tab

In this tab you can edit the basic information of the product

You can modify the product Title here

You can also directly add it to a collection of your shop and even change the vendor or add some tags like shown below

Variants Tab

This tab will allow you to edit the variants of your product

In here you can Rename SKUs, change the Price, the Compare Price, the Stock or simply Delete a variant.

You can select group of variants by clicking the corresponding group

You can also select all the variants at once if you want to edit them all at the same time by click on "All" or selecting the box next to the Action drop-down menu

The Action drop-down menu will let you perform an array of action on the variants, whether you selected one variants, two, or even all of them

Let's take the example of changing price on all variants at once.

Once you selected all the variants, click on the Action drop-down menu and select Change Price

A new window will open and you can enter the new price you want to set for the variants of this product. (Note: This won't work if you have the Pricing Rule feature activated)

You can see that the current price for the variants of the products is $0.79

Enter the new price you want to set for the variants of the product

And the price will be changed for all the variants of this product

In this tab you can also change the SKUs of the variants, it won't affect the mapping and won't affect the order processing

This is very useful if you want to customize your product's variants even more!

Note: Shopify doesn't support product with more than 3 groups of variants

If you have a product that as too many groups of variants such as:

-Size, Color, Shipping, Left Side, Right Side

You will need to delete some groups

Description Tab

In this tab you can edit the description of your product

You can modify the text to your wishes and even change the pictures that appear

To put new pictures in the description, you will need to first upload your pictures to an online picture library (such as Imgur) and then paste the link of your picture.

Images Tab

In this tab you have access to all the original pictures from your AliExpress supplier

You can Zoom on each picture

You can Download all the pictures at once to your computer to edit them later (original size and resolution)

It's especially useful if you want to edit them on your computer.

You can also Delete the pictures you don't want, or delete them all.

You will be able to upload pictures on Shopify to illustrate your products after you Push or Publish the product to Shopify.

We are always looking for ways to improve our platforms on our features, don't hesitate to let us what you would like to change or improve

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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