DSers is a platform that provides drop shipping solutions. It helps to improve the efficiency of people with online stores by allowing users to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just ONE CLICK. 


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    How to manage your DSers Pro account

    In DSers Pro, you now have the complete control over your account! Rename your account, modify email address, reset password, manage the store linked and change AliExpress account: you can do this very easily with DSers Pro

    Go to DSers Pro - Settings - Account and get access to all this

    Find the complete detailed guide below

    Account Info

    In this part, you can modify the name of your DSers Pro account and the email address you use to login

    Account Name

    The account name is the name that appears on the top right side of your DSers Pro account.

    Simply type in the name you wish to use, and click on Save

    Account Email

    The account email is the email you use to login your DSers Pro account. To change it, first click on the Change

    A new window will open asking you to enter the new email address you wish to use

    A mail will be sent to this email address with a code

    You then just need to copy the code and paste the code in the box

    And you will see a confirmation if the code is correct

    Reset Password

    In this part, you can change the password you use to login your DSers Pro account.

    You just need to click on the Change Password button, a new window will appear.

    Just type in your Old Password once

    And enter your New Password twice, it's that simple!

    Shopify Stores

    This part is interesting to manage and check the status of the Shopify stores that are linked to your DSers Pro account.

    DSers Pro will detect the status of your Shopify store and check if you authorized DSers Pro or not. If you forgot to pay for your Shopify store, or closed it for a while, DSers Pro will show it to you here and you will be able update the status there.

    You can also uninstall a Shopify store from here.

    You just need to click the uninstall button and it will take you to Shopify where you can uninstall the DSers app from your store.

    AliExpress Account

    The AliExpress account management allows you to change or disconnect he AliExpress account linked to your DSers Pro account

    IMPORTANT NOTE: By changing or disconnecting the linked AliExpress account, you will lose all the data of the orders being currently processed. Order numbers and Tracking numbers will no longer be synced.


    If want to change to you AliExpress account, you need to first log out all your AliExpress account and then just click on the Switch button

    A new window will appear asking you if you are sure you want to switch

    Once you confirm, you will be redirected automatically to AliExpress login page Make sure to login the new AliExpress you want to link to DSers Pro. Then click on the Authorization button.

    Your DSers Pro account will now be linked to this AliExpress account


    If you want to disconnect your account in case you are selling your store by example, It's even simpler, just click on Disconnect

    A window will then appear to ask for confirmation

    Once you confirm, your DSers Pro account will be disconnected from AliExpress (You won't be able to place orders to AliExpress or import any products from AliExpress to DSers Pro until it is connected to another account)

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!