Connect AliExpress suppliers to your products

You may find yourself with a product on DSers that needs to be connected to an AliExpress supplier (mapped), edited or added suppliers.

Here is an in-depth guide for this


You may find yourself in a situation where a product is not linked to any AliExpress suppliers. You will not find an AliExpress icon next to your product name.

If you click on the Mapping Page, you will see it is empty.

To fix this is very simple. Go to Products - My Products.

Click the Mapping Page on the bottom right of the product card

The Supplier Management tab will open on the right side. You can see that the supplier column is empty on the right side

You can paste the original AliExpress URL of the product in the "Import" box.

Simply go to the AliExpress page of the product and copy the address

Now paste it in the "Import" box and click on Import

The product will now appear, just click "Set"

The product you are mapping will be set as the Default option

The product from AliExpress will appear in the Default Ali Product column

You now can start the mapping of the product's variants by selecting the corresponding Options

Then select the corresponding variants

Make sure to select the variants which you want to sell

Once you have filled ALL the variants, make sure to click on "Save"

A confirmation notification will appear

The AliExpress icon will now appear at the beginning of your product's name Your product is now ready to be ordered as many times as you like

Adding Suppliers

If you want to add another supplier to one of your product, click on the "Mapping Page" button on the bottom right side of the product card

In the Alternate Products column, you can paste the URL of another supplier selling the same product on AliExpress in the Import box

Go on the AliExpress product's page and copy the address of the product

Paste the AliExpress URL of the product in the "Import" box and click on Import

Your additional supplier will appear below and you can click "Set"

If you want, you can choose to set this new supplier as your default option (maybe you found a cheaper supplier and want to replace the previous one).

We will add this new supplier as our Second option, it will be an additional supplier in case the default one runs out of stock.

You now have to map the products' variants.

Once you're done mapping, make sure to Save!

A confirmation notification will appear

Changing Default Supplier

You have two solutions to change the Default Supplier of a product:

Import a new product

You can import a new product like shown above.

Paste the AliExpress URL of your product in the Import box and click on Import

Then click on "Set"

A window will ask you if you wish to Set it as Default option or Second option

You just need to select the Default option

Then map the product

Choosing a new default supplier

In case you already have two suppliers and wish to change which one is the default supplier

You can delete the default supplier by clicking on the cross

A pop-up will appear to ask if you are sure you want to delete the default supplier

Once done, only your secondary supplier will be left

This way, your Substitute Ali Product will automatically become the Default Ali Product!

Let us know if you meet any difficulties, we'll be glad to help.

Multiple Supplier Mapping

DSers allow you to map different suppliers for a single product so that you can personalize your offer.

You can choose to delete some variants of your Default Supplier and replace them with some variants of the Second Supplier as shown below

In this case, for the Red variant, we will only use the Default Ali Product. For the Blue variant, we will only use the Substitute Ali Product, as it's cheaper

For the Black variant, we will use the Default Ali Product, and in case it runs out of stock, our Substitute Ali Product will be used.

This can be really useful in case your default supplier doesn't sell some colors that you really want or if you find a supplier selling one of the variants for a cheaper product.

Note that all the Options, such as Color / Size / Ship From, need to be mapped on both products!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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