How to Personalize Your Settings on DSers

Personalize DSers to you liking.

Access your "Setting" window, and the "Other" panel.

Auto Sync Order Number

If you activate this function, the AliExpress Order Number generated will be automatically synchronized to the Shopify additional notes (Note: It can take up to 2 hours to synchronize).

It will appear in the Additional Note part of your order on Shopify and won't be seen by your customer

Canceled Order Optimization

This feature will help you to re-place the orders that were canceled on AliExpress with no apparent reasons.

In case your orders are getting canceled after you placed or paid them on AliExpress, make sure you activate this feature. This will add a name in some orders to bypass some issue often met on AliExpress and will help you to re-place the orders to AliExpress successfully

Message Seller

You can use this space to leave a message to all your AliExpress suppliers and give them general instructions. You can edit this message as you like to give them informations and let them know if you don't want any gifts included in the package by example.

Override Phone Number

Here, you can change the phone number that will appear in the orders that you place on AliExpress. This way, your supplier will only see the phone number you set.

Note: for some countries, the number need to start with specific numbers. In case you meet issue with an order's phone number, make sure it doesn't come from here!

Sync Shopify Orders

You can synchronize you previous orders if you want to have them in DSers.

By defaults, orders from the last 7 days will be synced to DSers, but you can choose to sync orders from up to 30 days ago.

Admitad Cashback

You can activate Admitad Cashback Affiliate program, this will allow you to earn back a part of the money you spend while placing and paying for your orders on AliExpress.

You can check a detailed guide here.

We are open to suggestions, let us know if you think of more features!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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