How to place an order from Shopify to AliExpress

Once you set up everything properly, it will only take you a grand total of 5 clicks to place and pay for all your orders.

You can check the video below, or read the guide after!

Placing my orders to AliExpress

Let‘s see the process

You first receive an order in your Shopify

DO NOT Mark as fulfilled. With DSers you don't need to do anything on the Shopify side.

It will sync automatically to DSers with your customer's information in the Awaiting order tab once you captured payment.

Make sure Shopify Autofulfillment feature is OFF

Go to Shopify - Setting - Check-out - Order processing

Make sure you select "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items." You settings should be as below

On DSers

Then go in your DSers account.

The order(s) should be in the Awaiting order tab

You can click the Order button

Once you clicked the Order button, it will open a page where you can double check the order shipping setting.

Click Confirm

A box will open on top of DSers to let you know the order process

Once the order is processed, the box will let you know

You can then directly go to AliExpress to pay by clicking Make payment

You can also close the box and go to the Awaiting payment tab to find the order you just place and see that the Ali Order Number has been generated

You can click Make payment, and it will take you to AliExpress

Make the payment

On AliExpress, click on Awaiting Payment tab

There you can show up to 30 orders per page

You can select the orders you want to pay, and click on the Pay for selected order(s) button to pay all your selected orders at once

You then just need to complete your payment

After the payment

Once you made your payment, you are DONE

DSers will take care of the rest.

After your payment, DSers will automatically move the order to Awaiting shipment

When your supplier sends out the package, the tracking number will be generated and DSers will automatically update it, moving the order to Fulfilled.

It is at this time that DSers will also automatically trigger Shopify email to your customers with the tracking number and automatically mark the order as Fulfilled on Shopify too!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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