How to re-order Awaiting payment orders

In some case, you may want to modify an order after you placed it to AliExpress, to change the supplier, the shipping method, or any other reason.

Cancel Order

When you order is in Awaiting payment tab, and the AliExpress order number has already been generated as below

You will need to go to AliExpress - My Order page, and find the order to cancel it.

Once you have canceled the order on AliExpress, it will sync back to DSers in the Canceled tab.

Note: It may take up to 12h for DSers to sync the order status from AliExpress, but you can manually sync to speed this up

Sync Canceled Order

To speed up the syncing, you can click on the Ali Order Syncing button, on the Order page, and select Sync via API

You can learn more about it here

Modify Canceled Order

Once the order is in the Canceled tab, you can edit the order to change the supplier or the variants of this order by clicking on the right side of the order on Action - Edit.

Note: If you want to change the supplier for this order and all the coming order, you can change the mapping of the product.

Delete the current mapping (1), and import your new supplier (2) before you map the newly imported product

You can learn more about changing supplier here

Place Canceled Order

And you can also directly place it again.

After you place the order again, it will go back to the Awaiting payment tab, and you will just have to pay for it on AliExpress

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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