Remove a store

You can easily remove a store from your DSers account, just read below

Remove a store

Please kindly note that once the store is removed from the current DSers account, all the mapping data will be lost as well.

If you are ok with this, please kindly:

1) Go to DSers - Setting - Account - Shopify stores, and click "disconnect"

2) DSers will lead you to Shopify, please uninstall the DSers app

3) Go back to DSers, wait 10 minutes and reload the page

Please DO NOT link the store to another DSers account before its totally removed from the current DSers account.

If you want to link the store to another DSers account, please make sure to log out the Shopify app store and your Shopify admin account before linking again. Then go to your new DSers account, once in your new DSers account, click on Link to More Stores.

If you want to delete a store already closed and can't access it on Shopify anymore, please contact our support team

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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