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    How to roll back orders on DSers Pro

    In DSers Pro, we let the user have control over their orders.

    You can rollback the orders you manually fulfilled to be able to place them

    Read the complete detailed guide below to learn more!

    Rollback orders

    In case you manually fulfilled an order, it is now very easy to roll so you can place it to AliExpress normally.

    On Shopify

    First off, if you manually fulfilled the order on Shopify, you need to cancel the fulfillment of the order on Shopify.

    To do that:

    -From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

    -From the Orders page, click the number of an order in the list that has a Fulfillment status of Fulfilled.

    -In the Fulfillments section, click More, and then click Cancel fulfillment:

    Once you canceled fulfillment on Shopify, you can go to DSers Pro

    On DSers Pro

    You just need to select the orders you want to rollback on the Fulfilled tab, then click on More Action and select Roll back Orders

    A new window will open where you can confirm that you want to roll back the order(s)

    Once the order is rolled back, it will tuner in a green tick and you can click "Ok"

    The order will be moved back to the Awaiting Order tab, and you will be able to place it again


    You cannot roll back just part of an order. For example, orders for bundle or BOGO are in fact multiple orders placed as one.

    If the order, or part of the order is fulfilled, you won't be able to roll back just part of the order, the orders as a whole will be rolled back and you will lose the data created so far (like the AliExpress order number or the Tracking number)

    As always, be very careful when you manually fulfill an order.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!