How to Set Up Your DSers Account

Welcome to DSers!

This guide will help you set everything up so that you can enjoy DSers at its fullest!

DSers will basically allow you to place 100s of orders at once to AliExpress, no need to click one by one anymore!

DSers will also let you pay for up to 30 orders at once on AliExpress!

Watch the power of DSers below, and read out to get going!

Keep reading, it just takes 2 minutes!

How to Set Up Your DSers Account

From start to fulfilling

1. Make sure Shopify Autofulfillment feature is OFF

Be careful, and select the last option, or Shopify will fulfill your orders!

You settings should be as follow

2. Link your Shopify Store

You have two ways to do that: A. Create an account first and link your store

To do that, simply go to your

Click the sign up button on the top right corner

A sign-up page will open. You need to use a new email and a password, then click on Get Started

Once done, you will see a notification that your account is successfully registered and a mail will be sent to your email address to confirm it.

After you confirmed your email, you can go back to

Just login

After you're inside of DSers:

It’s easy, just click the button below on DSers

You can link multiple stores later on if you want and simply select one with the drop down menu

B. Install the DSers app in your store (Shopify only) and create an account

Go to Shopify app store and click on Add app

Once you have installed the app, you can go to Shopify - Apps

You will be taken to where you need to register your account

And you're done!

3. Link your AliExpress Account

Read the detailed guide here or the presentation below!

It’s just as easy, click the button below

You will be redirected to a page to log in your AliExpress account and then authorize DSers.

4. Apply for AliExpress Whitelisted Account

To keep things simple, just click on the button below on DSers once your linked your AliExpress account

You will be redirected to AliExpress new Dropshipping Center and have to Submit your account to get whitelisted. You will then enjoy an unlimited amount of orders and payment, as well as the possibility to place all orders in one click on DSers!

5. Map Product Variants

Read the detailed guide here or the presentation below!

Sometimes a product that you synced, migrated or added manually might need to be remapped properly.

You can go to AliExpress and copy the product URL then paste it into the Import box.

You can map the product easily by selecting the supplier's variants corresponding to your Shopify product's variants

You can also add alternate suppliers there in case your first supplier of choice runs out of stock for a while.

You can also create Bundle, Bogo and more, feel free to check this guide

6. Set shipping methods

Read the detailed guide here or the presentation below!

DSers lets you pre-set your favorite shipping methods in many different ways according to your needs (note that we are open to suggestions to improve our features).

You can access the General and Advanced Shipping settings by accessing the Setting page, then selecting the Shipping tab.

The General shipping method allows you to set up your favorite shipping method by country.

In the Advanced shipping setting option, you have to go further and set up your favorite delivery method according to Delivery time or Shipping cost. You can set this for multiple countries too.

Don’t forget to Save when you chose your favorite shipping methods!

7. Install our Chrome Extension

You can get our extension on the official Chrome Web Store

Or just search for DSers AliExpress in the Chrome Web Store

With DSers Chrome extension you’ll be able to:

- Easily set up some search option to skim results on AliExpress.

- Add products directly to your Shopify store from AliExpress with our overlay button

- Or import them through the product detail’s page with our new DSers Pro button on AliExpress

-You will also be able to synchronize your AliExpress Orders' status in real time

Just open DSers and open AliExpress - My Order page in two tabs. The status of your orders on AliExpress will be synced to DSers.

To learn more about importing products from AliExpress to DSers and Shopify, check this guide.

Congratulations! You are now ready to place bulk orders and more with DSers!

Make sure that you didn't activate the Shopify Automatic Fulfillment feature or any other Auto-fulfilling app!

You can also find a complete video guide on YouTube

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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