Synchronize AliExpress orders to DSers

DSers synchronization system is completely automatic.

Everytime you connect to your DSers account, a synchromization will be done automatically in the background to sync the status of your orders from AliExpress.

It may up to 15 mins depending on the server pressure.

In case you need to quickly synchronize the orders status from AliExpress because of an urgent order, here's how you can do it.

Ali Order Syncing feature

To do this is very simple

Just go to the Orders page on the left side of DSers

There, you just need to click on the Ali Order syncing button

A drop-down list will come.

You can either click on:

-Sync vis DSers Chrome Extension


-Sync via API

Sync via DSers Chrome Extension

When you click on Sync via DSers Chrome Extension, your AliExpress - My Order page will open in a new tab of your browser. While DSers and AliExpress - My Order page are open, the DSers Chrome extension will sync the status of the orders. It may take up to 10 mins to sync the orders status.

Sync via API

If you click on Sync via API, DSers will sync the orders status from AliExpress using the AliExpress API. This uses a lot of resources and is dependent on AliExpress server pressure. It may take up to 10 mins for the orders status to sync and you can only do it 5 times per day maximum

The Ali Order syncing button will turn grey and little circle will appear in it to notify you that the synchronization is on process.

You can do this up to 5 times a day, so be careful not to click too many times.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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