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    How to synchronize Shopify order status with DSers Pro manually

    DSers synchronization system is completely automatic.

    Everytime you connect to your DSers Pro account, a synchromization will be done automatically in the background to sync the status of your orders from AliExpress.

    It may up to 15 mins depending on the server pressure.

    In case you need to quickly synchronize the orders status from Shopify because of an urgent order, here's how you can do it.

    Synchronize Orders from Shopify

    To do this is very simple

    Go to Settings on DSers Pro at the bottom left corner

    Select the Other section

    At the bottom, you will find the Sync Shopify orders feature

    You just need to select your store in the drop-down menu and a date range (Note that you can only sync 30 days at time maximum)

    An orange circle will appear on the top right corner of DSers Pro between your store drop-down selection menu and the name of your DSers Pro account to notify you that the synchronization is in process

    Once the orange circle is gone, all your orders status on Shopify from the date range you selected will be synchronized to DSers Pro!

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!