How to Tag products

With DSers Import List, you can now Tag your products. This will help you to better organize and manage your products amongst different store!

Manage Tags

In the Import List, you can click on the Tag management button

A new window will open where you can add and manage tags

It will be empty at first. You just need to click on the Add New Tags button to add some new tag

Just enter the name of the Tag you wish to create, then click on the Save icon

The Tag is now created, and you can Edit or delete it in the future if you want

You can add as many Tag as you want

Once you have added a Tag to a product, you will see it in the Tag management

Tag a product

All the tags you create can easily be applied to a product. Just hover the Tag icon on the product card, then select which Tag you want to add to the product and click Confirm.

You can add multiple tags to one product!

Filter product with Tag

The tags also allow you to filter your product in the import list!

Click on the Filter button, then simply select a Tag to see the products associated with it

You now know everything about Tags!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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