How to track WooCommerce orders

DSers can now be used with WooCommerce! You can check this article to see how to link your WooCommerce store. Because of the inherent limitation of WooCommerce, you need to install some extra paid plugin to track your orders correctly from AliExpress to DSers to your WooCommerce store.


You will need to buy and install the Shipment Tracking extension to your WooCommerce store.

You can find it in the official WooCommerce Extensions, in the Shipping – Delivery and Shipping Options

Or at the following link:

Once installed, and after you have linked your WooCommerce store to DSers, DSers will be able sync the tracking number from AliExpress to DSers, then from DSers to WooCommerce.


It will add a new kind of widget on the top right side of the order detail page

You can see an example below

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