Shipping Fees on DSers

Shipping fees are very important. So here is a full explanation:


In DSers, we will always show the maximum potential shipping fees.

Ie: if you are ordering 3 variants from the same supplier, we will show you the shipping fees time 3.

This is for a very simple reason:

It all depends on the supplier you choose

Some suppliers will charge you only once for the 3, but some suppliers will charge you for each variants you order.

We do not want our users to have bad surprises on checkout and see an increase in prices they would not understand like other app do. We are very upfront about it and we want to make sure our user have all the information.

If you chose a bad supplier, you might be charged 3 times for the shipping.

But if you are careful and choose a good supplier, you will only pay 1 shipping fee.

Here is a simple example with 3 variants ordered to the same supplier


As you can see, we show a shipping cost of $4.47 in the order detail already BEFORE you place it.



When you place your order, we will also show you the maximum shipping fee possible, because our system doesn't know yet if your supplier merges shipping fees or not.



Now that your order is placed to AliExpress, we will update the shipping cost according your suppliers rules. In this case, our supplier will charge us only once



You can then pay for your orders on AliExpress and double check the shipping cost

We are AliExpress partner, our goal is maximize efficiency, we want you to be able to place more orders than ever on AliExpress!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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