Admitad cashback

To use the cashback program from Admitad on DSers is very easy. Here is a complete guide to set everything up.

Note: You need to create a NEW Admitad account to use with DSers. You can use this link to create it:

What is Cashback?

Cashback or cash back shopping is a program that gives you money back on almost every purchase you make on your normal daily shopping.

Cash-back shopping allows consumers to save money on nearly everything they buy online, regardless of whether a particular store is holding a sale. The savings come from cash-back portals, which have affiliate relationships with all of the stores listed on their sites.

To explain it even more simply, when you place an order to a certain store/website (here AliExpress), you can get some money back because the affiliate website (here Admitad) has some agreements with the store/website.

Note: You need to pay for your orders less than 72hours after you placed them to AliExpress, or the Affiliate wil expire

Start using Cashback

First, you need to create a new account on Admitad.

To do this, simply click on this link to create it:

You will be taken to Admitad main page.

Make sure to create an account as a Publisher!

Click on Join and a page to create your account will open

Make sure you select Publisher, then fill in your informations

After filling your basic information, you will need to select where do you want to make money.

Simply select the country to where you will sell, and also select Online Shops as a Category and click Next

You will then be required to choose Website. Just select Website and click Next

You then need to Specify your choice Select Dropshipping and click on Next

In the next page, add your store details

Type in the name of your store, the complete URL of your store, and there will be only DSersPro in the drop down menu, then you can click Ready.

If you saw the following situation, you're not in the right procedure. Please log out and click on our link and restart the process.

After you finish to set everything up, you will be redirected to Admitad main page.

You need to find the AliExpress WW program (it should be the first on on the list)

At first, your account will be pending.

You will need to wait a couple of days for your account to be activated by Admitad

Once your account has been approved, you will receive a code from Admitad by mail

You can also find this code on Admitad directly by going to My Programs > AliExpress WW and clicking Banners and Links.

The code will be similar to this: You just need the part with letters and numbers:


In DSers

Copy this part of the code, and paste it in DSers

Click OK.

Once your code is added successfully, you will need to add the name of your account.

You can find the name of you account in Admitad - Setting - General, as shown below. Select the Login

Add the name

Once you have added your name successfully, it will appear as follow

You will now start to get some money back for each order you place to AliExpress using DSers!

Check my earnings

After you placed and paid for some orders, you can check the Clicks and Earnings generated by Admitad on the website.

The clicks will be generated when an order is placed to AliExpress.

The earnings will generated when you make payment for an order on AliExpress.

At this point, the earnings will be shown as on-hold money.

You can see a more detailed report by clicking on Reports - on ad spaced in the bar menu.

You can select a specific Date range

See the number of clicks, the amount of money On-Hold, and money Confirmed

Note: 1. The clicks and earnings will be generated some time after you place orders and make payments, it is not instantaneous. 2. Some products are not supported by the Affiliate program, and therefore will only generate clicks, but no earnings. If you want to know the product supported by the Affiliate program, please double check with the Admitad team. 3. Please make sure to disable all extensions when you are making payment on AliExpress, some extensions may be hijacking your traffic and earnings. 4. There is a deadline for the cashback generation, so please make the payment on AliExpress within 3days. Otherwise, the cashback will be expired.


Q1: I already have an Admitad account I was using with XXX, do I need a to create a new one?

A: Yes, you need to create a completely new Admitad account using this link: DSers uses a different technology, therefore a new account is required.

Q2: Why was my Admitad account suspended?

A: Make sure you were using an Admitad account created with the link above. If the account was not created via DSers referral link, or if you entered a wrong code or account name, the account will be suspended due to the failure of verification.

Q3: What can cause the following issue: "I get click, but i don't get cashback money?"

A: This might be the result of different issue

1. Your traffic was hijacked, please try to deactivate all your browser extensions, clear your cookies and then process bulk order and make payment

2. The product is not supported by AliExpress cashback program.

Q4: How to know if a product is in the cashback program?

A: If the product purchase does not generate any earnings, then this might be a product without cashback. There is nowhere to check exactly if the product is on the list or not.

Q5: If i place 2 different orders with the same product, do i get the same return?

A: In theory , yes, you should get the same return. But there is still a chance of unexpected changes.

Q6: How can I be sure my Admitad is really working?

A: If you can see any of the data shown on Dashboard on Admitad, then DSers has successfully connected your order and Admitad. If there is no earning data shown, please try to deactivate all your browser extensions, clear your cookies and then process bulk order and make payment.

Q7: Why I don't see any clicks or cashback data on my account

A: Please check the following: 1. Make sure that the AliExpress page is opened in another tab and that you are logged in the correct account when placing an order.

2. Disable AdBlock and other similar Chrome extension that may block traffic from the DSers site, otherwise DSers cannot help monitor click data.

3. When placing an order, disable all the Chrome extensions except DSers to prevent traffic interception. (some Chrome extension may be "stealing" your traffic)

4. If you do everything above and still don't see any clicks or earning on Admitad, please contact the Admitad customer service team

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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