CSV bulk order

We know that many of you are trying to move away from Shopify, building your own websites, and we are not forgetting you!

We developed a way for you to place multiple orders at once!

This feature supports CSV and Excel format.

Once you created your DSers account, you can access one of our new feature.

Create your database

First, you need to download our template to create your database of products.

You will have to manage the database manually by filling the template correctly. The SKU of the product must be from AliExpress as we need the original SKU to automatically place multiple orders.

This just needs to be done once for each of your product to create your database (note that you will have to update it if you modify one product).

You will then need to upload your database of products to DSers.

You are free to rename the file and will see a confirmation once the upload is successful

Once your database is uploaded, it will appear on the page.

Note that each time you modify information or add a product to your store, you will need to update this file.

Upload your orders

After the creation of your database, you will need to download the order template.

Once you completed the file with the informations or your awaiting orders, you just have to upload it to DSers.

After the upload, your order file will appear

Next step for you is to simply click "Place order" and all your orders will be placed automatically.

You now have to go to AliExpress and pay for your orders.

You will be able to download a file with the AliExpress order number and tracking number in the "Successful orders" column.

Please note that it may take several days for the tracking number to be generated. So it may be better for you to wait before downloading it

If some orders failed, you can download the file, edit the needed information and re-upload the file.


Seller ID and SKUs

If you can't find the Seller ID or the SKU of a product, it's simple:

-Import the product to DSers (check how here)

-Once the product is imported to DSers, click on "Check details"

-A new window will open with all the information you may need

On the Product tab, you can find the Seller ID

In the Variants tab, you can find the SKUs of your products

Required Informations Definitions

Import Template

Product id = Your product id

SKU = your product SKU

AliExpress_url = url of your product on AliExpress

SKU (AliExpress SKU) = Can be found on My product page Note: If the SKU shows as <none> on DSers, please keep the field under the SKU info (AliExpress SKU) in the file empty.

AliExpress seller id = Can be found on My product page

Orders Template

Date = your order date

Order number = your order number

Line item number = don’t fill in

Email = customer email

Contact person = customer name

Address = customer address, don’t fill in special character

Address2 = customer address, optional, don’t fill in special character

Zip = fill in according to destination country

City = must be the same with that in AliExpress city list. If the city is not listed in city list, then you need to fill in other and add city in address 2 (This will be optimized later)

Province = must be the same with that in AliExpress province list

Country = Country code can’t be recognized , you must use the full name of the country i.e.: USA won’t work, write United States

Product count = product quantity

Product id = your product id (Must be identical wih the product ID in your product database)

Product SKU = your product SKU (Must be identical wih the product SKU in your product database)

CPF = tax number. A valid CPF number is required for all orders to Brazil

Full name = customer name (English letter only)

Phone_country = Country dialing code, don’t fill in special character or mark

Mobile_no = mobile phone number, don’t fill in special character or mark except +

Order memo = Leave a message to your suppliers, you can set this up in "Setting" / "Other" in DSers directly. You can learn more about it here.

Shipping method = don’t fill in. You need to set this up in "Settings" -"Shipping" on DSers directly. You can learn more about it here.

Cost = don’t fill in

AliExpress order number = don’t fill in

Tracking number = don’t fill in

Status = don’t fill in

Do not hesitate to contact us if you face any issue, we'll be glad to assist you!


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