How to use the Import List

DSers is now providing you with an new way to import products.

From now on, each time you import a product from AliExpress to DSers, the product will not be added to a specific store, but to your DSers Import List! This will allow you to import product from AliExpress first, then edit them and decide to which store you want to push them. The Import List will also allow you to Tag your products to better organize your products and find them faster with filters!

Please note that you need to use the latest version of our Chrome extension, download it here.

Access Import List

The Import List can be accessed from the side bar, in Products - Import List

The Import List will be empty at first.

The products already in "My Products" will not appear in the Import List, only the new products you now import via the extension or by URL will be shown here. (Learn how to import products from AliExpress to DSers here).

Basically, only product you import from AliExpress to DSers "AFTER" the Import List was created will appear in the Import List.

It is important to note that from now on, you will only be able to import product to the Import List.

The DSers extension will have "Import List" selected as a destination for your product

Manage product with the Import List

When you import a product, it will appear in the Import List

Just like before, you can Edit the product directly in DSers (Learn more here)

You can also Split the product (Learn more here)

Tag your Products

You can now Tag your products to better organize and find them!

Simply hover the tag icon on the product card, and select which tag you want to add to the product.

Easily manage your Tags in the Tag management menu

You can learn more about the Tag management here.

Push Product to Shopify

Of course, you can still Push your products to your Shopify store

But now, when you click the button, a new window will let you choose to which store you want to push the product, and you can Push / Publish it to multiple stores at once!

A notification will appear on top of the product in the import list to tell you to how many store has this product been pushed to

Once a product is Pushed / Published, it will appear in "My Product" of the store.

Note that you can push the same product multiples times to one store!

Filter Product

With the addition of Tags, and considering you can now push a product to multiple store, you can now easily filter your products.

Click on the Filter drop down menu, and select either a store or a tag to see the product associated with this store or tag.

You now know everything about DSers Import List!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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