How to use Product Bargain Marketplace

On October, DSers will officially release to the public their Mass Supply program!

Coming along with it the new Product Bargain Marketplace, where you can find cheaper products, with reliable shipping and a dedicated customer service team! The feature will first focus on European countries, and specifically developped beauty and home product. Other countries will soon be eligible and more products too as we are growing!

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DSers has worked hard to develop and give you access to a whole new feature: the Product Bargain Marketplace!

There, you will be able to find special products that have been selected for you.

Those products are cheaper than most of the similar products you can find on AliExpress, but most importantly, they are supported by DSers Mass Supply program, which mean they will benefit from the most reliable shipping service possible, fast processing, and have been quality tested!

Furthermore, whereas those products already offer competitive prices, our partnership with AliExpress will allow you to bargain to get even cheaper prices depending on your sale amount!

With the product bargain you get access to:

-The most reliable shipping for guaranteed delivery -24h processing time of your orders -Product recommendation -Cheaper than the majority of products you can find normally -If you sell a lot, you can get even bargain to get lower prices!

-Quality testing of the products -Support from the team within 24h

-Fast shipping to specific countries

Product Bargain

You can easily access the Product Bargain from the left side of DSers, in the Product Menu

On the product bargain page, you will see different information.

When you decide to use the Product Bargain, all the product are supported by DSers Mass Supplier program and AliExpress.

This means that, as stated in the introduction of this article, all the products' prices can be bargained, each order will be processed in 24h maximum, the shipping service is the most reliable and therefore the delivery is guaranteed. You will also get special support about those products, special recommendations and fast shipping to specific countries!

Down the page, you will see the products elegible for bargain. They can be filtered by categories or search

On each of the product card, you will see:

1: AliExpress icon

2: Button to copy the AliExpress product link (if you want to open it on AliExpress in a new tab)

3: Button to import the product to DSers

4: Button to bargain

If you are already happy with the price, you can simply click on the "Import to DSers" button

A confirmation notification will appear

You can stay in the Product Bargain page, or go the Import List and see the product and edit it if you want.


If you find the price of the product is still too high for you, you can try to bargain!

Note: Your bargaining ability will vary depending on your sales amount. The more you sell, the cheaper you can get the product. You can only bargain up to 10 time every 24h.

To bargain, click on the Bargain button on the bottom right of the product card.

A new page will open

If you wish to bargain, you need to:

-Enter your email address -Enter the price you want for the product (please be reasonable) -Leave us a message about why you want the bargain price (optional) Then click on "Submit a Bargain"

Once your bargain is submited, you will see a notification

The DSers Supply team will review your request and reply to you at the email address you previously entered.

It is possible the bargain will directly be accepted, or that the supply team will give you a counter-offer.

Once a bargain is accepted, you will be provided with a special link to AliExpress, that can only be seen by you!

You can use this link, and re-map your product, or import it to DSers!

We have developped this feature to help you get more attractive price, but of course there is a limit to how much you can bargain, take that in consideration!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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