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Have you ever encountered a situation where you don’t know what to sell? As AliExpress offers tons of products for dropshippers, it makes the process of finding quality products extremely difficult.

We understand the difficulty of browsing through hundreds or even thousands of products just to find the one product that is trending and you wish to sell.

Don’t worry! DSers has launched a new feature: Find Suppliers. It will help you look for the hot products that might be the next big hit!

What is Find Suppliers

At Find Suppliers, DSers offers a large selection of products with high selling potential!

In short, this feature is a product research tool that helps you with finding winning products for your store.

You will find special products that we have selected for you here. We provide real-time data for the products in Find Suppliers to make sure we only show you the ones that have high quality and are well-recognized by the market.

How to use Find Suppliers

You can easily access the Find Suppliers from the left side of DSers.

You can enter keywords here to search for products.

Or click on the categories here to search for the related products.

You can also click on pre-set icons to view products that are related to the icon you click.

For instance, if you click on the icon for Women’s Fashion, we will automatically show you all the female fashionable products.

You can go back to the default product page by clicking Product.

You can input the prices here and click OK. Then, we will show you the products that meet your desired price range.

For example, if you set the price range like the picture shows, the following products are the ones that fall between $10 to $12.

We also offer you the option to categorize the products according to the country they are shipped from.

You can select the Ship from like below.

If you choose the United States from the drop-down list, the products we will show you are shipped from the U.S.

With those products, your U.S. customers can receive the orders faster and you can expect a higher profit margin as the delivery cost is lower!

Another criterion you can group the products is Free Return.

If you check the box for Free Return, we will show you all the products that AliExpress suppliers promise you can return the product for any reason within 15 days.

You can also sort the products by clicking Orders, Newest and Price.

We will rank the products from high to low after you clicked on them.

After you found a product you wish to sell, you can then click the Import button to import the product to your DSers Import List.

Or you can click Supplier Optimizer to search for other suppliers of the same product on AliExpress that are more reliable and offer cheaper prices.

Click here to learn more about how to use our Supplier Optimizer.

Now you know how to utilize DSers Find Suppliers to look for products that have high quality and are well-recognized by the market.

Enjoy dropshipping with DSers!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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