Time zone filter

The Time Zone is a kind of filter you can use if you want to see orders according to a another country time zone.

It can be useful in case you are using a VA based in a country in a different timezone, or if you travel by example.

(Please note that GMT and UTC mean the same thing)

Time Zone

The first important notion is that the time of creation of the orders that appear on DSers is based on the time used on your computer.


If you are in New York and using New York time zone (GMT -5), an order placed at 7pm (19:00) will appear as placed at 10pm (17:00) if you are in Los Angeles (GMT -7).

Because of this, if you and your VA are based in different time zones, you might not see the same orders for each day.

In the case you are in the UK (GMT +1) and your VA is in Thailand (GMT +7), there is a 6 hours difference in the orders you will see for each day.

Concretely, that means that an order placed on June 5th 10pm UK time will appear as an order placed on June 6th 4am Thailand time for your VA.

If you want your VA to place the orders of a specific day, you need to tell him to set the time zone filter according to the time zone of your country. Some orders may appear as being from another day, most likely the day before late or the day after early.

We are open to suggestions if you want to help us improve this as always. You are our source of inspiration and our goal is to make things easier for you!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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