Introduction to Supply Service Entrust

The Supply Service Entrust is part of DSers new Mass Supply program.

It is aiming to give all merchants the most STABLE supply service, meeting all their needs in term of low prices, fast fulfillment, reliable logistics and delivery service, etc.

This optimization procedure is performed by a professional team who serves thousands of merchants, and manages millions of orders in China, with the help of the DSers Mass Supply team and AliExpress official supply team.

What is it?

The Supply Service Entrust is here to help you optimize your earnings and help you grow your business.

When you activate Supply Service Entrust, DSers will automatically replace the supplier currently mapped of some of your products to optimize your earnings.

The new suppliers will provide higher stable supply, wholesale low prices, faster shipping, and more, depending on the product.

The optimization procedure will be performed by a professional team, according to big data analysis.

You just need to sign up and validate the agreement, and we take care of the rest!

Why I should use it?

Dropshipping business is growing exponentially and is still one of the most promising cross-boarded e-commerce business strategy.

Merchants don't need inventory and don't have to handle the supply chain by themselves, and can focus mainly on growing and marketing their products.

However, once you are able to successfully sell product, the issue is often coming from the supplier side, with maybe lower quality products, shipping delays, changing prices, and so on.

Have you ever been in the situation where the more sales you have, the higher the products prices is because your supplier is slowly increasing his margins? Or when you can't fulfill an order because your supplier is suddenly running out of stock?

This program is here to fix those issues, with:

l Wholesale/Stable price

Save money using products coming directly from manufacturers, without involving third party resellers.

l Quality control

The control of a product’s quality includes testing the material, functionality, packing, etc.

l Stable inventory

Products are stored in our Triple S fulfillment centers with large inventory.

l Fast response

Orders are processed within 24~48 hours directly in our Triple S fulfillment centers.

l Reliable shipping service

The most reliable shipping services are analyzed and suggested according to big data analysis to give you the most reliable and cost-effective shipping.

l Privacy policy upgrades

90 days refunds and re-arrangement available. Customers personal information are highly secured.

The Supply Service Entrust program will do all this.

Analyzing each of your product, and trying to find a better supplier for you, which has all the above guarantee.


In order to start using the Supply Service Entrust, you will need to read the agreement, and activate the feature on DSers - Setting - Mass Supply

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requests or questions via


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