Link DSers to AliExpress

DSers unique official partnership with AliExpress will allow our users to enjoy the AliExpress Whitelist. Click here to learn what it means to be on AliExpress Whitelist.

This guide will help you link DSers to AliExpress and apply for AliExpress Whitelisted account so that you can enjoy all the perks from the unique partnership of DSers and AliExpress.

Link your AliExpress Account

It’s very easy to do that! Simply click the Link to AliExpress button on top of DSers page as shown below.

You will be redirected to your AliExpress account login page.

Input your AliExpress account information and click Sign In.

Click Authorize to allow DSers to access your data on AliExpress.

If you see “Apply for Whitelist” showing on your DSers page, it means you have successfully linked to your AliExpress account.

Apply for AliExpress Whitelisted Account

After you linked your AliExpress account, simply press the “Apply for Whitelist” button and you will be redirected to AliExpress’ website.

You need to check the box to agree to AliExpress dropshipping business agreement terms, then click Submit.

Read through the General Agreement for the AliExpress Dropshipping Project.

Scroll down to check the box and click Next Step.

Then, it will take you to the Data Service Authorization.

Scroll down again, check the box and click Next Step when you finish reading it.

Fill in your personal information and click Submit.

A submitted notification from AliExpress will appear.

Once you go back to DSers page and refresh, you will see “AliExpress Account Whitelisted”.

Now, you can enjoy all the advantages that AliExpress Whitelist has brought to you.

Happy dropshipping with DSers!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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