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Setting the price for the products you sell in the WooCommerce store can be a huge hassle when you are managing hundreds of products. While other dropshipping tools in the market need you to do it product-by-product, DSers’ feature of Pricing Rule lets you do it automatically.

All you need to do is to decide the price mark-up you want to apply to the products you are selling in order to cover your expenses.

The pricing rule will be automatically applied to your product when you push the product from your DSers account to your WooCommerce store.

Activate Pricing Rule

Go to DSers – Setting – Pricing Rule.

As you can see, there are two parts for the Pricing Rule:


-Assign cents


In the Pricing part, you can choose how much you want to add to the original price of the product.

Note: You don’t need to check the box to apply currency rate if you are using the same currency on both DSers and WooCommerce store.

If you turn this on, DSers will automatically exchange the currency for your product price after the Pricing rule is applied.

You can check this article about how to set currency in DSers – Setting – Report.

To activate Pricing, click the button next to the WooCommerce store you want the rule to be applied to.

You can turn off the setting for Sale price if needed.

Note: Please read the texts in red before making any changes to the Sale price.

To help you better understand how this works, let’s take the case of a product originally costing 10 USD.

If you set up the numbers like below, after you push the product from DSers to you store, the Regular price of the product in your WooCommerce store will be 18 USD and the Sale price will be 15 USD.

You can also choose to multiply the price if that better suits your needs.

In this case, the Regular price will be 30 USD while the Sale price is 20 USD.

You can use different combinations to set your prices as well.

In this example, the Regular price will still be 30 USD while the Sale price is 15 USD.

Don’t forget to click Save when you are done.

Advanced Pricing

If you want to set different margins depending on the product's original price, you can activate the Advanced panel.

Let’s take the following as an example.

Here, products have different margin according to their original cost:

Products costing from

-0 to 5 USD will have their Regular price multiplied by 2.

-5.01 to 15.00 USD will see 10 USD added to their Regular price.

-15.01 to 50 USD will have their Sale price multiplied by 1.5 and their Regular price multiplied by 2.

-50.01 to 100 USD will have their Sale price multiplied by 2 and their Regular price multiplied by 2.5.

The rest of the products will have their Regular price multiplied by 2.

Assign cents

You can assign a specific cent value to the final price of your products after the Pricing rule is applied.

To do that, simply check the boxes like below and click on Save.

if you want the price of your product to be XX.99 then add 99 to the fields.

Don’t forget to click on Save when you are done.

Assuming a product’s Regular price is 10.43 after the Pricing rule is applied.

Then, DSers will automatically change it to 10.99 as you enter 99 to Assign cents.

Now you have a complete understanding of how DSers’ Pricing rule works. Use it well as it can greatly save your time and improve the efficiency for you to manage your product price.

Enjoy dropshipping with DSers!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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