Push a product to your store

After you finished editing the products on Import List and decided which store you want to send your products to, the next step is to push the product from DSers to your WooCommerce store.

It is very easy to do it with DSers, check out the detailed guide below to see how.

Push a product

Go to DSers – Products – Import List.

Hover on the product you want to send to WooCommerce and click Push to WooCommerce.

A new window will open. Select which store you want to send the product to.

You can also choose to apply the pricing rules to this product or not.

Check this box if you want to directly publish the product to your online store.

The product will become visible to all your customers if you decide to directly publish it to Online Store.

If you choose not to check the box, the product will be only pushed to the backend of your WooCommerce store where you can edit or manage it there before it is visible to all your customers.

Once you selected what you want, click on Push to WooCommerce.

It may take some time to send the product to WooCommerce, make sure you don’t close DSers.

A processing icon will appear on the top right corner of DSers page, you can click on it.

You can see the process after clicking the processing icon.

You will be notified once the product is sent successfully.

Click Cancel to close the pop-up window.

Once a product is pushed to a store, a notification will appear on top of the product card.

Then, you can go to DSers – Products – My Products and select your store on the top right corner to see the product you just pushed.

The product will now also appear in WooCommerce – Products.

Now you know everything about how to push a product from DSers to WooCommerce.

Enjoy dropshipping with DSers!

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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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