Rules of DSers Reward Season

Dear merchant!

The Reward Season has been specifically designed to reward dropshipping businesses.

The Reward Season is a seasonal event created to boost all dropshipping business during the 4th quarter of the year and is supported by the DSers Mass Supply team and the AliExpress official supply team. The event includes high product quality control, cost-effective manufacturing and reliable shipping service!

Rules of DSers Reward Season - $100+ Banner - DSers

Terms of DSers Reward Season


VIP Invitation: from 1st Sept to 15th Oct 2020. Public Release: from 15th Oct 2020 to 15th Jan 2021

2.Who can get money?

During VIP Invitation: Only 100 selected merchants During Public Release: Anyone. The reward is for any merchant who joins the DSers Reward Season and uses certain products from the DSers Mass Supply program to place orders to AliExpress.

3.How to win?

You can make money in two ways.

First, the simplest one. From October 15th to January 15th, as you place orders to AliExpress using certain products from the Find Suppliers, those orders will be counted and at the end of each month, we will make an average of how many orders you placed per day.

If you placed 420 orders during the month, you will get 14$ as a reward (420 orders / 30 days = 14 orders per day on average). This has no limit, the more you place orders per day on average, the more you can win.

The second way is simple too. If, from October 15th to January 15th you placed a total of 1000 orders to AliExpress using certains products from the Find Suppliers, you will get a 100$. This is a bonus, and will be added to the money you gained each month!

4.How much can you gain?

There is no limit!

Let's say you placed:

-400 orders from October 15th to November 15th

-350 orders from November 16th to December 15th

-250 orders from December 16th to January 15th

You will get:

-13$ for October 15th to November 15th (400/30=13.3 orders per day on average)

-11$ for November 16th to December15th (350/30=11.6 orders per day on average)

-8$ for December 16th to January15th (250/30=8.3 orders per day on average)

-100$ because you placed 1000 orders in total (400+350+250)

You will get 132$ cash!

5. Requirements

-Only the orders of products from the Find Suppliers placed to AliExpress and paid for will be counted and added to the total

-Only certain products of the Find Suppliers will be eligible, but you can easily recognize them!

All rewards will be given within a month after the Reward Season ends.

Talk to us if you have further request about DSers Reward Season

Rules of DSers Reward Season - Reward Season Banner - DSers


Since DSers launched at the end of 2018, we realized that a supply chain upgrade is necessary. Following on your feedback, we are here to provide you with:

Faster Shipping

Simply select Seller's Shipping Method for your product in the Settings or on the orders as a Shipping Method and the DSers shipping service will be used!

Quality control

Product quality control performed in advance. The testing includes material, functionality, packing, etc.

No need to worry about what your clients will receive.

Wholesale prices

The DSers Mass Supply team works with the manufacturers directly.

No third party, no extra cost, no need to worry about higher than average price or often changing prices.

Stable inventory

All products proposed are well stocked in our Triple S fulfillment center and will be processed within 24 hours.

No need to worry about missing product or SKU changes at the last minute, you get what you order without surprises.

Fast response

Our Triple S fulfillment center process orders within 24 hours with valid tracking number.

No need to worry about your clients waiting for confirmation of delivery anymore.

Reliable shipping service

Logistics vendors, such as AliExpress Standard shipping and Epacket are directly cooperating and part of the program.

No need to worry about the lack of tracking number, extra delays, or missing online information.

Dedicated customer service

A special dropshipping customer service team is online along with the AliExpress supply team to answer all your questions and requests.

No need to worry about difficult communication or supplier taking a long time to reply, we are here when you need it.

Privacy Policy upgrade

In regard to the dropshipping business property, new policy will be applied for you.

No promotion code, no “AliExpress seller’s info”, no invoice or discount coupon included in the package. No need to worry about your business privacy anymore.

We aim to serve and cooperate with and for your business! A stable and reliable service, this is the priority.

Feel free to talk to us. Let us know your needs via

Any merchant who receives an invitation from the DSers Mass Supply program has a chance to win $100.

Rules of DSers Reward Season - Logo - DSers

The DSers Mass Supply program has been in test and preparing since June 2020.

All manufacturers are cooperating directly with DSers and are supported by the AliExpress team and the Alibaba team. No third parties are involved.

Our Triple S Fulfillment Center takes care of all the sorting, packing, inventory, preparation, etc.

Shipping service vendors are also cooperating to ensure the fastest service possible.

However, it is important to note that, at first, the product selection will be limited. We are constantly increasing the number of products available for you.

At the moment, we are only focusing on product categories such as Home & Garden, Beauty & Health. In the way, to ensure that we can keep our promise of fast shipping and impeccable service, and due to the current crisis in certain part of the world, we are only able to ship to Europe, the US, Brazil and a few other countries.

We try our best to give you the largest selection of product that fit your needs, if we do not have it today, we will make sure to have it soon, therefore, don’t hesitate to let us know what products you need!

DSers Mass Supply program main goal is to provide you with a STABLE shipping. We work hard to get the most reliable supply service for all your products, going anywhere in the world, with any request you may have.

Talk to us if you have further request about DSers Reward Season


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