Send images to suppliers

Adding an image as a message to your suppliers can come in handy sometimes. It can be easier for your customers if they want to customize the product or to better demonstrate their requirements.

Sadly, it’s not possible to do it automatically yet. But we are working very hard to bring you this feature in the future.

Here is the guide to show you how to do it manually

Upload the picture

You will first need to put the picture on an online picture repository site.

Let’s take Imgur as an example.

Click your Account Name and select Images in the dropdown list after you arrive at Imgur’s homepage.

Send images to suppliers with Wix DSers - Imgur Homepage - Wix DSers

Drag and drop images onto this page or Ctrl+V to paste from your clipboard

Send images to suppliers - Add Images on Imgur - DSers

After that, you will see your image here.

Send images to suppliers - Select Image on Imgur - DSers

Click on it and a new window will appear.

Send images to suppliers - Imgur Image Details Page - DSers

Copy the Direct Link.

Send images to suppliers - Copy Direct Link from Imgur - DSers

Now, you can go back to DSers - Open Orders. Click the icon below from the order you want to send an image to the supplier and select Message from the dropdown list.

Send images to suppliers - message in open orders - DSers

Now you can paste the Direct Link from Imgur to the box.

Don’t forget to Save when you are done!

Send images to suppliers - paste Direct Link - DSers

A message with the Direct Link of your image will be sent to your supplier when placing this order to AliExpress.

Send images to suppliers - message in AliExpress - DSers

You can have your customers to upload the pictures and paste the Direct Link to your orders' notes.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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