DSers is a platform that provides drop shipping solutions. It helps to improve the efficiency of people with online stores by allowing users to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just ONE CLICK. 


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    Welcome to DSers Pro! Let's dropship!

    Small changes make a big difference. Start your dropshipping journey with DSers Pro!

    Welcome to DSers Pro!

    We are very glad to meet you here. DSers Pro is AliExpress official dropshipping partner and the new standard for dropshippers. You will find some details about what we do below. DSers Pro blog is to introduce useful tools, give you detailed guides and a place to improve your dropshipping business!

    What is DSers Pro?

    DSers Pro is...a tool that makes you work faster than ever.

    DSers Pro is a free dropshipping working flow managing app which helps dropshippers find, import and edit products, earn cash back, manage multiple Shopify stores with one DSers account, create special bundles and BOGO offers, publish to Shopify store, place multiple orders on AliExpress in one click, track shipping information, and even more.

    Why DSers Pro? What's the difference with competitors?

    AliExpress official partner

    As AliExpress official partner, we can directly import the information of a product from the AliExpress database, and not only copying info from the product's page. This ensure reliable information and a completely up to date store for you effortlessly.

    AliExpress Whiltelist

    Enjoy unlimited orders and bulk payment. DSers Pro can apply to AliExpress whitelist in one click to enjoy unlimited orders and bulk payment. Check our video or our fully detailed guide!

    Place all your orders at once automatically on AliExpress

    After syncing order data from Shopify, DSers Pro helps with placing multiple orders to AliExpress at once. During the process, shipping method selection or product overriding can be easily completed. Check our video or our fully detailed guide!

    Admitad Cashback

    DSers Pro is working with Admitad! Place orders to AliExpress with DSers Pro, and get a part of your money back! Check this guide to learn how to use Admitad with DSers Pro and start earning up to 6.9% of your money spent back!

    Import products easily

    Import products from AliExpress to DSers Pro with our Chrome extension or the product link. After importing, the product information and description will be completely grabbed from AliExpress and can be edited later as you want. Check our video or our fully detailed guide and install our Chrome extension here.

    Bundles, BOGO and Country Specific Mapping

    Create the perfect offers for your customers. Want to sell multiple products from different suppliers at once? Check our Bundles. Want to make offers like Buy One Get One? Check our BOGO. Want to ship from the US to your US customers? Check the Advanced Mapping!

    Split Products

    You want to create multiple products from a single one? It's easy with the Split feature! Split a product by Options or Variant. Check this guide for a full explanation if you want!

    Map products Variants and change supplier

    Easily map all your product variants and add up to 2 suppliers for each product. This is very useful if your first supplier is running out of stock occasionally or if you found a cheaper one! Check our video or our fully detailed guide.

    Hide Products

    In case you are treating some product with your supplier directly, or want to treat it in some other way, you can easily hide a product. Feel free to check this guide to learn more.

    Automatic Syncing

    DSers automatically syncs the data from Shopify and AliExpress. New orders will appear in DSers and once you placed and paid for them on AliExpress, you don't need to do anything, DSers will sync the Tracking Number and update the order status automatically!

    Tracking and Shipping information

    DSers Pro provides accurate shipping status tracking feature to help with your customer service. Because of our partnership with AliExpress, you will always be up to date. No ads on the page, only good user experience. Check our video or our fully detailed guide.

    Edit feature

    Edit your products directly on DSers Pro, change the variants and rename them as you wish, edit the description and select the picture you like the best! Check our video or our fully detailed guide.

    Manage multiple Shopify stores

    All of your stores can be managed with one DSers Pro account. It just takes one click to switch store. Easily manage your products and orders fulfillment across all your stores with only one DSers Pro account! Disconnect and reconnect store as you please!

    Shipping Settings

    You can pre-set your favorite shipping methods according to shipping fees or depending on countries. Check our video or our fully detailed guide.

    Notifications and Auto-Updates

    Be notified of every changes concerning the prices or the stock of your product directly. And set up your auto-updates to automatically reflect those changes to Shopify! Check this guide to learn more

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